, Newburyport, MA

August 29, 2013

Teens stepped up to their responsibilities

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

It is easy to complain about teenagers. We treat them like infants and then get mad when they don’t step up. Such is not the case with our VBC counselors in training and junior staff. Most have been coming to our camp since they were very young, so they know how we structure the days and the week.

They are assigned responsibilities throughout the day, changing jobs daily so everyone gets an opportunity to sample. They are learning. Adults supervise and advise, but for the most part we expect the CIT/Jr. Staff to remain fully engaged. We could not serve as many children as we do without them.

We could not be more proud of our leaders:

Seventh grade: Faith Arrison, Carisa Boyle, Caitlyn Chaisson, Maddie Fecteau, Jessica Hood, Hannah Hounam, Savannah Nolan, Sam Rennick, Caitlyn Roberge, Sabrina Stubbs, Maggie Tardiff.

Eighth grade: Kelly Corbin, Alex Fecteau, Hannah Graham, Melia Hublert, Jessica Paszko, Mia Perry, Julia Plummer, Rachel Rowe.

High School: Wyatt Boyce, Tessa Boyle, Dylan Copeland, Kendall Mitchell, Katie Morrison, Anthony Tressell, Katie Sample, Jessica Fowler, Ashley Armentrout, Abby Bennett.

If you need to hire a teenager, I highly recommend any of the above.

Just make sure they are available for Bible Camp week 2014!

Jan Juntunen, LeAnne Plummer, Sue Mitchell, Pastor Rusty Davis and Pastor Gwyneth Arrison

East Parish United Methodist Church/ Merrimacport United Methodist Church Ecumenical Vacation Bible Camp