, Newburyport, MA

May 14, 2013

Thanks for helping to clean up Port

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

It was a perfect spring morning for picking up more than 1,000 pounds of trash, filling more than 70 leaf bags, painting benches and playground equipment, removing graffiti and spreading many truckloads of wood chips. Thanks to the following people, Newburyport’s playgrounds, shoreline and other public spaces are much cleaner today and ready for the coming summer season:

John Troy, Matt Cote, Jerry Mullins, Jack van Loan, Jivonne Alley and Noel Ochtman, Norm Renn, Julia, Kristen and Tyler, Chris Janson, Councilor Ed Cameron, Jillian Layne, Jeanne, Kate and Felix

Pomeroy, Phil, Alana and Cora Egan, Tania, Derek, Sophia, Sam and Theo Hartford, Elizabeth Boelke and family and the rest of Newburyport Brownie Troop 75336, Don Little (tackling Perkins alone again this year), Juliet Walker, Henry and Sam Walker, Pam Kipp, David Cancel, Andy Simpson, Karen Popken, Jeff Popken, Susan Hern, Bob and Ryan Stuart, Lesli Eckholdt, Alex Dardinsky, Jane and Ben Healey, Adam Healey, Jim Reid, Tess and Madeleine Reid, Peter Caesar, Molly Ettenborough, Gary Gorski and Cub Scout Pack 21, Pamela Brockmeier, Walt Thompson and the Rotary Club (thanks for the litter grabbers, which make cleaning up so much more fun.)

A special thank-you to Kristen Donahue and the Newburyport Mothers Club for organizing a delicious thank-you breakfast sponsored by Abraham’s Bagels, Plum Island Coffee Roasters and Demoulas Market Basket.

Thanks also to Jack Boland and Port Paint n’ Paper for donating paint to beautify our playgrounds and benches.

For a tremendous pre-Clean Sweep cleanup of the Library Parking Lot Park on State Street and for ongoing maintenance of that park, thanks go to Dick and Kathy Hordon, Rosemarie Serino, Colleen and Sarah Fallon, Ray Nippes, Ann Marie Baia, Dennis Chambers, Larry Giunta and daughters Lori and Isabelle, Patrice Lamy, Pam Rankin, Catherine Russell and Jeff Esche.

And of course many thanks to Tony Furnari, Andrew Lafferty, Allen Frost and the rest of the Department of Public Services crew for pre-cleanup delivery of much-needed wood chips, assistance with the Library Parking Lot Park project and expeditious follow-up disposing of all the trash and brush we collected.

Lise Reid

Parks administrator, Newburyport