, Newburyport, MA

November 29, 2013

In Byfield, a new pine tree where the old one once stood

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

We understand there are many Byfielders who were very upset when the town removed the old pine tree next to the Byfield Community Arts Center. Over the years, the tree has been dropping limbs on the building and damaging the roof. It was a concern to Sam Joslin, Town of Newbury building maintenance supervisor, as well as us at the arts center. It was decided to remove the tree to avoid any further damage to the building.

As the tree came down, we were very sad to see the beautiful landmark go, but when we saw the inside of the entire tree, we were thankful! You see, it had rotted all the way up through the center. When we realized what could have happened in the next serious wind or snowstorm, we knew it was the right decision. It could have damaged the Civil War memorial or the “Grange” building or even the Yellow School.

We know there were so many memories of kids playing around the tree, gathering pine cones and just having fun. We have planted a new pine tree with the hopes that future generations will have the same memories the “older” generations have. Thanks for your support.

Linda Allen, Heidi Fram, Chris Paglia

Byfield Community Arts Center board members