, Newburyport, MA

December 4, 2012

Column had wrong author's name

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Daily News published a Viewpoint article about the waterfront on the editorial page under my byline. I did not write the article. Yesterday, they published a correction listing the correct author, for which I am grateful.

The article was not in my style. I would be more upset with the occurrence than I am, were it not for the fact that I mostly agree with the viewpoint expressed, although I would never have said it in those words.

I do feel that the NRA plans are badly misguided for many separate reasons, just one of which is that the land where they propose to build very large and permanent buildings will be subject to frequent flooding before the end of the century. Why dig ourselves into an even bigger mess for our children? The Corps of Engineers flood maps do not include sea level rise. The nominal projections are for a 40 inch rise by the end of the century, and the latest precision satellite measurement indicates that it is happening even faster.

We were incredibly lucky that Hurricane Sandy was diverted around us by a very unusual twist in the jet stream. (Lucky for us, not for New Jersey and New York. There, but for that lucky break, go we.) New York is finally getting serious about sea defenses. I suspect New Jersey is still too shell-shocked to think that far ahead. It might be smart for us to look into our defenses before the fact instead of afterward. I’m not sure if anything can be done, but presumably there are those who can figure it out. At the least, it seems to me that our zoning ought to be changed to take flooding into account.

Tom Horth


Editor’s note: The Daily News incorrectly attributed to Tom Horth a column that was written by Tom Lochhaas of Newburyport. This was a clerical error on our part.