, Newburyport, MA


December 12, 2012

Dear President Obama and Speaker Bohner

Gentleman: It is our sincerest desire that the Age of Entrenchment is over.

We are encouraged by you, Mr. President, with these words you offered immediately after the election

“ ... I am not wedded to every detail of my plan ... I am open to compromise.” Well, let us help you along. It is not your prerogative to redistribute the wealth of our nation globally and of successful Americans at home. It is wrong to call us and many folks we know as “rich” and members of the same economic class as you. Triggering punitive and re-distributive taxation at a $250,000 salary level is disturbing . We know hair dressers and plumbers with working spouses who hover at these levels. We are not rich. We are working people who sacrificed a great deal to be successful in spreading modest wealth, creating jobs, paying taxes and fees and being good consumers, which is salve to bruised economy.

Why don’t you use the Securities & Exchange Commission definition of an accredited investor instead to establish a baseline for equitable taxation? $300,000 household income or $250,000 single income in the last two years and/or $1,000,000 net worth excluding primary residence. That would would make more sense.

We hope you understand, Mr. President, that there are those who wish us to destroy us and have discovered the means through the ballot box instead of bombs. The Muslim Brotherhood has leveraged democracy to convert our former friends in dangerous places like the Middle East. Egypt and soon-to-be Libya are excellent examples of this disastrous conversion.

Where we once had tolerable friends, we now have foes and all legally installed through democratic elections. We are concerned that your well-meaning “Chamberlain-ian” stance of appeasement to our enemies such as Iran remains uncertain in its intended outcome. You’ll realize this when they successfully explode their first nuclear device under the Salt Sands of Persia next summer. And then it will be too late. So how about a strong military combined with severe economic sanctions to help contain this threat until two or three generations from now when the Islamofascism experiment fails and they revert to rejoining the global community?

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