, Newburyport, MA

December 12, 2012

Fundraiser a success for NEER North

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I would like to thank Flatbread Pizza in Amesbury for their help in making that April 24 night extremely successful for the New England Equine Rescue North.

Also, I was surprisingly warmed at how much they genuinely want to see you successful and really care about the causes. They meet with you without rushing you and are pleasant and friendly. They help you cover all the bases to make sure you advertise well and help right through the night to see if you need help to put up literature, posters, etc.

I would like to thank all who attended. I know family and friends, etc. and those who couldn’t make it but helped in other ways was very warming, especially knowing of personal loss. The mayor (my cousin) Thatcher W. Keezer III — I don’t know if you eat or sleep you are so busy, but you were there. Thank you. Also your secretary was extremely helpful with advertising (Allison Heartquist).

Jen Wright of Jen Wright Signs generously donated time and talent for beautiful banners, a huge success in advertising. Susan Thomas, huge time and energy helping in computer advertising.

Billey Porter, the hunt for historical horses working in pictures and found beautiful pictures. Gail Hedberg of the Shake Station Newburyport: her generous donation and her yummy shakes that are a complete nutrition gave me the moxie to run this through endless personal grief and stress.

Lisa Manley of Upstairs generously donated her beautiful handmade items. Alan Ball and his donation of a beautiful horse painting. Loretta, with a hand-painted beautiful vase donation so colorful it cheers you up. Mary Martin, who runs Neer North, for her genuine love of horses, her humor and her disciplined morals and values to work hard with time and money to make sure it’s all done legally and is very honorable to be around, especially for children. Caroline’s big help while Mary had a sprained wrist in a cast.

This was my first benefit for Mary and the only one in these surrounding towns at the time so I really wanted to make it successful. She had just rescued a horse with $1,000 vet bill.

Bonnie Knight

NEER North Volunteer