, Newburyport, MA


November 19, 2013

Let's move forward together with confidence

To the Editor:

As Mr. Gray may soon be the mayor of Amesbury, I feel the need to caution him at this early point in his public service career. Do not deny the residents of Amesbury due process.

His call for Mayor Kezer to concede the election is inappropriate. A recount is a right available to any person running for election. Rather than create an environment of divisiveness, as he contends in his letter to the editor of Nov. 8, a recount will remove any doubts from the minds of Amesbury’s voters so we can all move forward together with confidence.

With a difference of only two votes, I will be more confident that the correct mayor is inaugurated in 2014 if a recount is conducted.

Suggesting that a citizen of Amesbury give up his rights to due process is unacceptable. Be a leader. Hold your head high, Mr. Gray, and accept the free election process that makes this country so great. May the best man win.

Gale Lyman


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