, Newburyport, MA

April 2, 2014

Celebrate the 250th with a tour

As I See It
Ralph Ayers

---- — My, oh my, how the time travels so fast, but not fast enough to see the temperature up in the 80s once again. Well, I suppose if there is nothing else to complain about, we’ve always got the weather to talk about.

Let’s see, what’s the subject this month? I know, how about a little insight about the historic tours I’ve been doing for years. Would you believe it, I’ve done two of them this winter with groups that have called me with a van that accommodated 18 guests. Of course, the success of doing a tour is the reaction of those who take one, and I’m proud to say I have yet to hear of a negative report, and that makes me feel good.

A couple of things you should know about the tour is it’s free. Most guests on the tour, however, give me a tip or donation, and all of these funds are given to a local charity. This year, for example, the donations are going to the Link House in Newburyport, a facility that does a super job with recovering alcoholics.

Secondly, if you haven’t got a van, that’s OK, ’cause you can use your own car, bring your own guests, save me a seat, and I’ll do the rest. (Wow! That rhymes!) The tour takes about two hours, covering the city, Newbury and Plum Island. Of course, I’m only able to do as many as time allows, so appointments have to be made by calling me at my home, 978-465-9363.

I suppose if I told you what the tour consists of and where we go and what we see and what we learn, then there is no sense in doing them, so I will say that you will learn and see many historic facts about our city, including some characters, including some secrets not fit for printing.

This year being the 250th anniversary of our great city, this contribution I offer comes with a reward I receive in showing off my city, the city of my birth.


Ralph J. Ayers of Newburyport calls himself a “local yokel.”