, Newburyport, MA

June 11, 2013

Keep on writing those letters

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I read Don Pollard’s letter of May 31 with raised eyebrows, and my first thought was — really? Is she serious? Wow, talk about tossing the First Amendment under the crushing wheels of censorship!

The mayor’s request that members of COW cease their letter-writing campaign against her and the NRA will only make her look unwilling to listen to opposing points of view, whether it be from members of COW or non-members who still disagree with her stance on the waterfront, nor does it encourage a give-and-take dialogue. Could it be she does not wish to be reminded of her 2009 election, when she ran on an open waterfront platform? Sorry, Ms. Holaday, I still intend to compose letters to the paper reminding citizens of that indisputable fact, and don’t forget — this is an election year!

I also thought her cavalier attitude dismissing the funding research done by COW as six-month Google search rather ironic. On the one hand, she wants to be treated with respect, yet she turns around and treats all that hard work and research brought to her with little more than a cheap shot remark — and makes it to the City Council Budget Committee. No brownie points there!

I also took the time to read the online comments in response to Mr. Pollard’s letter. I have no problem with people expressing their difference of opinion, but, come on now, was twisting our acronym around just to get a cheap laugh really called for? I found it (ahem) “udder-ly” immature. Better luck next time!

Laurel Allgrove

Member, Committee for an Open Waterfront, Inc.