, Newburyport, MA


April 15, 2013

Going 'home' to Brigham Manor

Sometimes the feeling of “home” can occur in more than a place of residence. That was exactly my feelings on Feb. 1 when I left Portsmouth Regional Hospital to enter Brigham Manor Rehab in Newburyport after my rotor cuff repair surgery.

Upon arrival to my “new temporary home,” I was given a “welcome” gift basket and got reacquainted with six CNA’s who had cared for my parents during 2000-2004: Linda, Leona, Kelley, Terry, Loretta and Michelle. Linda’s wonderful sense of humor kept me in an uplifted mood during all of my stay. These women are exactly the same personalities and have the same work ethic as always. They’re as caring about their patients today as they were when my parents were living at Brigham. What a credit to Brigham Manor management to have such reliable and caring employees!

Loretta hums tunes, Terry is bubbly and observant, Kelley brought me up to date and still carries her basket of goodies for the personal care of her patients. It’s the same routine she has followed for years. Leona was and is a kind, patient person even when things would go awry. She has blossomed over the years. Michelle celebrates her 27th anniversary, I believe, this year. Incredible!

The nurses, Maureen “Moe” and Marion Frost, an on-call nurse, were also at Brigham with my folks. Their dedication overwhelms me! The hours that they stay to help out on emergencies, blizzards and “on call” plus their wonderful humor gave me something to look forward to on weekends!

All of the nurses are caring and attentive. Ann and Alyssa during the day shift, Sandra on afternoons, Kate and Peg on midnights and others who had been on call, part-time or brought up from first floor to help. Debby from the first floor came one day and she too had known my dad. I love the humor and positive outlooks and these nurses have it all. There are so many others who worked, CNA’s Stella, Lisa, Kara, Kahlia and Martha as well as John and George. They all helped me through my many difficulties and helped my healing, outlook, sense of humor and energy. Thank you all!

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