, Newburyport, MA

January 16, 2014

Where is our justice?

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

On Jan. 7, NECN ran an interview in its Broadside segment that drew attention to myself, my family and many friends. I am Beth Brodie’s brother, and as I type this letter, this issue is turning my and my family’s life inside out —again!

Beth was murdered at age 15 in 1992 by a juvenile criminal.

The issue: parole being granted to convicted juvenile offenders.

The program featured Les Gosule, who is pro-victims-rights, and attorney Ed Ryan, who is pro-convicted-criminals rights. A clear explanation of the SJC ruling was shared along with a statement that is still bothering me 12 hours after it aired. “Our SJC has wisely held that, while violent felons will be held accountable, youthful felons deserve every opportunity for rehabilitation” — Governor Deval Patrick.

So in other words, Governor Patrick is publicly celebrating this ruling that has violated any peace of mind my family may have had after 21 years. My question to the governor is this: Isn’t it possible that a felon can be both violent and youthful ?

Violent felons, youthful or not, must be held accountable!

Massachusetts appears to be interpreting the law in a way that may parole the offender while the victim pays the price.

Seems pretty unjust to me.

Sean Aylward

Atkinson, N.H.