, Newburyport, MA


January 23, 2014

Fuel stored at Seabrook N-plant is safe

To the editor:

Seabrook is not a hazard to the people of our state; rather, it is a tremendous asset which we can lose to the fear-mongering of people like Nicholas Costello (“Problem of spent, hot fuel rods remains,” Jan. 17). Seabrook and other nuclear plants are providing economic electricity without pollution or releasing greenhouse gases. Nuclear is the No. 1 source of carbon-free power in this country. The fuel stored at Seabrook is safe, and the long history of handling fuel in the U.S. with its over 100 nuclear plants has been without an incident that threatened the public.

Technical issues such as possible degradation of concrete will come up, and that is why there are teams both at Seabrook and at the NRC to assess the issue and make prudent decisions. Individuals are, of course, free to make claims about safety, but it is the knowledgeable professionals who have both the expertise and information to provide an accurate analysis.

The NRC has served the public well, overseeing nuclear energy in this country without a single mishap that harmed the public. Second-guessing the experts we pay to safeguard us seems profoundly irrational and detrimental to the long-term well-being of our country.

Sukesh Aghara

North Andover

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