, Newburyport, MA

January 24, 2014

Honoring Beth's memory

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Kudos to everyone who has been writing to The Daily News about the outrage of letting juveniles tried as adults being able to apply for parole, when they were given a life sentence. This is in response to the brutal death of Beth Brodie at the hands of Richard Baldwin. Without a doubt, this juvenile, who is now in his mid-30s, had some major issues for having committed a crime of this magnitude.

Thinking about this, I feel the ruling by the SJC is two-fold. First, the ruling is another attempt to further bolster the attitude of the left that there is always an excuse for those who are a danger to society. But, two, it’s something I often think about.

When I coached swimming, someone in the family of one of my swimmers committed a similar crime. That was 30 years ago. How many homicides have there been in the commonwealth since then? Thousands, several thousands, which brings what I ponder.

What do they do with all these murderers? Where do they put them all?

Prison populations continue to soar, which is another ulterior motive for some of these ideas. Even if homicide rates drop, you still have more and more convicted murderers who need to be incarcerated.

Until we return to the values that kept our society safer, which is not going to be anytime soon, rulings like this will continue.

By the way, keep those letters coming. Strength in numbers, along with the ballot box, are the two main ways to make change in a civil society.

Kevin Noa