, Newburyport, MA

January 1, 2013

Do something to make the world safer

As I See It
Ralph Ayers

---- — Yup, we’re commencing our 13th year into this century, and my, my, how time has passed so quickly. Having almost completed 90 years on this Planet Earth, I wonder what is on the agenda in 2013.

Back in 2012, this time of the year, good people wished each other a Happy New Year, and some came true for some, and others not so hot. Personally, I didn’t enjoy good health and had to give up many things I enjoyed doing, but that’s OK, as others never got through the New Year, so no complaints.

We also wish each other a Merry Christmas, and rightly so, but to many, it’s just another day, as Christmas to many was when they were children and believed in Santa Claus. As we get older, we enjoy discussing our “remember when” stories.

As I write this column, Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, and we have just been informed of the horrible tragedy in our neighboring state of Connecticut. As I write this column, I wonder how I could wish a family or friend a Merry Christmas that has been affected, other than to tell them that most of us feel the same sorrow and loss as if it were our own family, and will be there for them in any capacity.

Yes, it happened in our good old USA, and it’s shocking, but in other parts of our so-called civilized world, it’s a daily occurrence. Innocent children are being slaughtered on a daily basis, and they too will not have a Christmas to be remembered.

Yup, I say, we are in an uproar. Now that a 20-year-old, obviously from a good family, committed this horror, what can we do about it? How about gun control? Won’t work, as one can buy a gun illegally or otherwise buy making a phone call.

Here are other suggestions being brought up, such as, “talking to your children,” “take away the violent games kids play,” “take the filth off the TV screens,” “eliminate drugs that make people violent,” telling people that it is their business when violence, corruption, oral decay, lack of respect and greed affect our lives and families. Maybe adopting just one of these will make a difference, but doing nothing isn’t going to help either.

Well, having said all that, I sincerely hope you had a Merry Christmas, in spite of those wishing to ruin it, and I also sincerely trust you have a Happy New Year, contributing whatever you can do to make it so.


Ralph J. Ayers of Newburyport calls himself a “local yokel.”