, Newburyport, MA

February 6, 2013

Another story of two brothers on opposing teams

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

The current Super Bowl uniqueness of the two Harbaugh brothers from the same family coaching for opposite teams brought back a family story of my own.

In the 1920s, my maternal grandmother, Nellie F. Erickson, had her two sons, Jack and Ed Erickson, playing quarterback on opposite college teams, namely Colby and Bates Colleges in Maine.

One game had many of the family traveling by train to Waterville, Maine, to witness this unique event. Jack had graduated from Newburyport High School in 1923 and Ed graduated in 1924. Both were stellar athletes while in high school and both went on to play in college.

In this particular game, Colby led by Uncle Jack beat Bates 6-0, as he scored the winning touchdown. My family always enjoyed telling us about the great time that was had by all when they were able to attend the game and enjoy their time together for athletic fun and family pride.

My uncles went on to have illustrious careers in the field of education. Uncle Jack retired as principal of Dartmouth High School in 1970 and Uncle Ed retired as superintendent of schools in Andover in 1971.

Richard Doyle

Barefoot Bay, Fla.