, Newburyport, MA

June 10, 2013

First, put IRS in its proper place, then ...

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

The thought that the people would someday notice the trouble we are in was looking hopeless. None of the scandals drew much attention from the general public. The media for the most part ignored the facts of what had happened on their hero’s watch.

Now comes along a new light cast on everybody’s beloved IRS. No career politician wants to be seen as a defender of the IRS.The IRS is a tax collector. The only ones who like a tax collector are those who pay little or none but reap the benefits. Question of the day: What is the IRS and what are its duties? The IRS is a foreign corporation that was incorporated to be a collection agency to collect taxes due to the Federal Reserve (another foreign corporation) that lends their paper money to the U.S. government.

This is a great deal for those at the very top who control our currency and their political puppets who make laws to keep we the people under control by their passing of such laws that we are supposed to obey but they are exempt themselves. The good news is that we can all join together in opposition to the IRS and once we put the IRS in its proper place, we can get on with the task of addressing our other problems. Such as a government that has no budgets or boundaries. A White House that is beholden only to its own ego. Elected officials who are perfectly comfortable with leaving their electorate behind in their quest for greater personal glory.

Here is the chance for the truth to set us free. If you read newspapers, you are on a higher level than most and have an obligation to get involved with bringing the truth to light for those who are not engaged. Restoration of our once-great nation starts with a little spark of truth. Pass it on.

Brendan Kelly