, Newburyport, MA

September 27, 2007

Letter: Community helped build new Bresnahan playground

To the editor:

We are happy to announce that the Bresnahan School has a new playground. A million thank-yous to the Newburyport community. There were many companies, organizations and families that helped to make this dream a reality for the children.

A thank-you to the businesses and organizations that made donations to the playground: the Newburyport Bank, Piper Properties/Newburyport Holding Corp., Charles and Maryann Small Foundation, Rochester Electronics, Bresnahan School PTO, Brown School PTO, SPS New England, Castagna Construction, Interlocks, Ferraz Shawmut, Hero Coatings, Arwood Machine, Thomas Machine Works, Hawtan Leathers and Steven Silverstein.

There were many members of the community that worked together to help save over $13,000 in the installation costs of the playground. Thank you to: Nathan Dennis of MSI Landscaping, John Nigro of Basset Professional Grounds Maintenance, Jeff Halley of Halley Elevator Company, Fred Newcomb of PJC Ecological, Al Bunnell of Transcor Information Technologies, Ken Woods and the City of Newburyport DPW.

This playground was built as a community build under the direction of the Ulti-play playground company. It was wonderful to see over 100 Bresnahan parents, new and old, teachers, as well as other community members working together to build this structure. This was a true community event with volunteers coming from every part of our city. A thank-you to: Susan Acquaviva, Craig Arsenault, Terry Ashe, Jeff Barraclough, Robin Blackmore, Roger Blazon, Steve Bonacorsi, Deirdre Budzyna, John Budzyna, Joanne Burke, Janis Cahill, Emily Call, Steve Catalano, Dan Colwell, Adam Contrino, Mike Costello, Bruce Conover, Bob Cummins, Jeff Davis, Nick deKanter, Michelle Demeritt, Julie Doyle, David Edwards, Yoni Ellert, Maureen Ellsworth, Rebecca Elmore, Todd Elmore, Mike Fiacco, Mary Ficht, Bill Fogel, Pat Foley, Peg Foley, Tim Fountain, Bruce Gallagher, John Gangemi, Karen Geary, Jim Georgopoulos, Tracy Georgopoulos, Thomas Goodwin, Gary Gorski, Cliff Goudy, Crystal Gouthier, Ilene Grady, Jeff Gray.

Also, Jim Hazlett, Jeff Halley, Mary Harbaugh, Ann Healy, John Hillhouse, Elena Hogan, Keith Hogan, Bruce Hoiseth, MaryEllen Hoiseth, Tracy Hurst, Jay Iannini, Matt Langis, Cindy Lattime, Emily Leary, Martha Leen, Pierre LeVasseur, Alex Losh, John Losh, Mike Lucy, Leah McGavern, Kelley McIntire, Bruce Menin, Anne Miller, Maureen Murphy, Randy Murphy, Mike Naughton, John Nigro, Jessica Pennington, Amanda Phillipson, Will Phillipson, Maura Power, Dana Robie, Jeff Roelofs, Tommy Rogers, Greg Rundlett, Karen Sakaniwa, Mark Sakaniwa, Marcia Samuelson, Tuna Sava, D. Scally, Alli Schilling, Scott Schilling, Chris Sidford, Amy Smith, Kim Spinney, Steve Sousa, Jim Stiles, Craig Tamayoshi, Leslie Tkaczek, Francis Toolan, MaryJo Verde, Mairska Visser, Jerry Wallace, Keith Walsh, Scott Weaver, Stephanie Weaver, Eileen Whitney, Neil Wilson, and Lauren Woods.

During the build, the volunteers were well fed compliments of the Bresnahan PTO Hospitality Committee. A thank-you to the families and companies who donated food: the Acquavivas, Bennetts, Budzynas, Bradburys, Cahalanes, Carleos, Connors, Contrinos, Cotes, Dukes, Georgopouloses, Grecos, Guintas, Grays, Hogans, Knights, Lagasses, Lalibertys, Manleys, Masones, Powers, Robies, Spinneys, Therriens, Tregos, Turgeons, Vargas-Costellos, Vartabedians, Famous Pizza and Dunkin Donuts.

Finally, a thank-you to the playground committee who organized the fundraising effort, the volunteers and the contracting services. The committee members are: Alex Coir, Michelle Demeritt, Karen Geary, Elena Hogan, Carolyn Janvrin, Martha Leen, Amanda Phillipson, Karen Sakaniwa, Krissy Ventura and Stephanie Weaver.

We are still in need of financial donations to cover the cost of the installation of the playground. If you would like to make a donation, please contact: Amanda Phillipson, 978-255-2224, or Karen Sakaniwa, 978-465-3496.


BILL McGOWAN, assistant principal

Bresnahan School, Newburyport