, Newburyport, MA

August 19, 2013

Obama Influenza trickles down

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

What is the Obama Influenza?” you may ask. It’s the trickle-down effect of the national government’s contempt for the average citizen that they’re supposedly working for the local government in a person’s town or city.

Whatever problems that the national government is having such as conserving oil or keeping a budget, the politicians end up blaming the problem on us citizens, such as making sure that we keep our tires inflated to keep the cost of gas down.

Yet the federal government won’t stop oil companies from harassing those who would produce alternative fuels that would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly. If we could put man on the moon in less than seven years, there’s no reason why an alternative fuel couldn’t be produced so that we’re not dependent on foreign oil.

Well, in Salisbury I think that we have a case of Obama Washington Influenza.

We just lost an opportunity to increase the financial stability of the town when three of the five town selectmen voted not to allow us citizens to voice our opinions on whether we want to allow a gambling casino to be built on Route 110.

Then when an interested person of the gambling question who is also a political appointee of the selectmen became agitated about the selectmen not allowing us a voice in the matter. Those three selectmen decided to take measures to remove the political appointee, because they blame him for being unprofessional in his actions.

It was the actions of the three selectmen, not allowing us citizens to be heard, that started the whole problem. Had the three selectmen allowed us to voice our opinion about having gambling come to our town, whatever the outcome of the vote would have been the end of it.

Even the town manager has a case of Obama Washington Influenza, by hiring contract workers such as the building inspector, health inspector, etc., who have no problem with being disrespectful to their own fellow town employees. Their attitudes to us regular citizen aren’t any better.

Yet we the citizens put up with this stuff. By right the day after the three town selectmen didn’t allow us to vote on the gambling, we should have insisted on their resignations.

Mike Tyson