, Newburyport, MA

August 19, 2013

An apology for quick response

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I wonder if I could use a little space in your newspaper to offer an apology to someone whose name I do not know.

After spending several hours over two days trying to get through Verizon’s automation and recorded messages about trouble with a TV set, this morning a great lady technician came to my house and brought my TV back to life. She was pleasant, knowledgeable, patient with me and kind in explaining things. It turned out to be a pleasant experience.

A few hours later, when I was again taking with Verizon’s machines, I was asked if I were satisfied with their service. Thinking back to the frustrations I had experienced, I said, “No.” There was no chance to explain that I meant the problem of communicating with non-human voices.

I hope my “no” doesn’t go on this lady’s record, and if it does, I would be glad to explain to her supervisor. All I know is that she lives in Salisbury, has worked for Verizon for 25 years and I would like her on the other end of my phone in case of electronic problems. A sincere apology for speaking hastily.

Elizabeth Hicken