, Newburyport, MA

August 30, 2013

Voter suppression an old game

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling that encourages voter suppression is just another factor in trying to control the outcome of our elections in a power struggle between the two political parties. The people of this nation are rising up against these attempts to take away their freedom to vote for the politicians they hope will represent them in Washington to meet their needs and aspirations for a productive life for them and their children and grandchildren.

In past elections, voter machines were rigged to produce ballots that were the opposite of what a person actually voted for. In the state of Florida when people showed up to vote, they were intimidated by police to turn away from voting. Many of the polling stations had all of their ballots just disappear and were never counted. In other parts of the country whole neighborhoods were flooded with printed fliers with false information about what day, time and place to vote to eliminate their votes. They pulled the same trick about political rallies so that the candidates would show up at empty stadiums and they couldn’t get their message out to the people.

When the Supreme Court passed the law that allowed corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to the candidates they wanted in the White House, that was just another trick to take away the freedoms of the American public at large. Demanding voter I.D. cards from people who can’t afford to get them – people in the inner cities who don’t have cars or a driver’s license to help them qualify as voters is just another trick to suppress votes. Making people wait in long lines for hours to cast a vote on certain days or times was another voter suppression tactic.

Well, I have faith in the American people that they will see through all these tricks and defeat them and preserve their right to vote and keep our nation a democracy.

Beverly Brown