, Newburyport, MA

September 11, 2013

This is why I'm supporting Gray for mayor

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

I volunteered my time to help the clerk of the works for the middle school renovation project years ago. I am dismayed at the deteriorating conditions of this newly renovated building. Water is penetrating the brickwork and is cascading over the walls from the roof and mold is now clearly visible. One town official said the staining was just “effervescence.” The stairs in the back are heaving, separating and/or crumbling, rendering them unsafe for our children. The handrails to the gym are loose or no longer connected to their anchors, again unsafe for our children. Wall sections in the courtyard need repair and mold is also visible.

I approached Mayor Kezer three years ago along with another concerned citizen who also met with him a year prior to my meeting. Both of us were rebuffed. If the mayor took the bull by the horns and took care of these problems four years ago when they were first brought to his attention, we’d have much less damage today.

Adding insult to injury, how can Mayor Kezer and this council spend millions of our tax dollars on the bus stop, millions on the DPW/Lower Millyard project, yet not fully fund our schools and maintain the buildings? My tax rate has gone up 50 percent since Mayor Kezer came into office and I’m sick and tired of the wasteful spending spree he has been on with our money. Therefore, I and my family and friends will be voting Ken Gray for mayor, Donna McClure and Eric Bezanson for at-large councilors and David Moavenzadeh as my District 3 representative because they have committed to correct these issues.

J. Michael Greaney