, Newburyport, MA

October 7, 2013

Need to hear details of Gray's positions

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

This letter is in reference to Ms. Lindstrom’s letter to the editor of Sept. 23, “Had enough of Kezer’s ‘plans.’” For those either new to the town, or who do not remember, Ms. Lindstrom ran for mayor twice and lost to Mayor Kezer both times, so her message has to be taken in the context of someone who has consistently opposed the mayor, and not as someone who has recently grown “tired.”

As a member of the Municipal Council, she voted for the split tax rate (one of the most divisive issues that I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve lived in town) and was with the council members who were ready to authorize the funds needed for the Municipal Council to file a lawsuit against the town to force an underride vote. The lawsuit never happened, thanks to Bob Lavoie, and the underride was convincingly defeated at the polls.

Ms. Lindstrom is now an active supporter of Ken Gray, a candidate who seems unwilling to publicly spell out the details of how he intends to lower taxes, increase property values and lower the tax rate, all without decreasing spending, or negatively impacting services or the schools. Given Ms. Lindstrom’s positions on previous important town taxation issues and her strong and vocal support of Mr. Gray’s candidacy, I believe it is even more important that Ken Gray let the people of Amesbury know what his plans are and how he stands on these important matters.

At the time of this writing, Mr. Gray has turned down an opportunity to join in a public forum on education in Amesbury, and is seemingly unwilling to publicly debate the mayor. I hope he rethinks this position, and gives the people of Amesbury the opportunity to know what their choices really are in the upcoming election.

Matt Einson