, Newburyport, MA


October 8, 2013

Shut down the blame game

To the editor:

As a lifelong Independent voter, I have no party loyalty. It disturbs me to see how many voters vote the “party line” without examining the issues. I have trouble stomaching Obama’s blame game in which he accuses the Republican Party of shutting down the federal government. How can the the news media carry his statements from his bully pulpit without objective comment? And how can the voting public be naive enough to even listen?

In this instance the Republicans have not shut down government. They passed and submitted a budget completely funding government — which the Obama administration has yet to do in all their years in office. They funded the entire government, only refusing to fund Obamacare. Remember the program which a Democratic Congress voted to enact following Nancy Pelosi’s outright irresponsible charge to pass “so we can find out the specifics of the bill”? Now there is a Democrat that all Democrats must be obediently proud of!

If you are a federal worker out of work and without a paycheck, a tourist wanting to visit a national park, a consumer looking for federal assistance, etc., It is time to ask President Obama and Harry Reid where their brains are. They believe they can convince the public that the Republicans are the cause of all the problems and that the national debt can just continue to soar with no restraints. They tell the voter that they give, give, give. I hope those young enough to have a working career ahead of themselves understand that they are not inheriting the “good life” but rather a life of an enormous tax burden that will keep them “enslaved” and keep their disposable income minimal.

If this universal health care bill was truly “universal,” it might be OK. But it is not “universal.” Obama has given waivers to so many favored factions that only the unlucky will ever be enrolled. Call his bluff! And pay attention to the vote of your House and Senate representatives.

Jim Chandler


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