, Newburyport, MA

October 8, 2013

Oh, so now it's the law

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

After the federal government shut down on Oct. 1, I posted on Facebook my agreement with those who want to give individuals who will come under the umbrella of Obamacare another year to decide what they want to do. Naturally, I was criticized by some of my liberal friends that the Affordable Care Act is now the law! In other words, no exceptions. That argument would hold a lot more credence if President Obama hadn’t given so many waivers to various companies and unions, which he has.

Granting another year for anyone faced with this decision seems fair. That way the law remains in place. For those who want to join the health exchanges now, they are free to do so. In this way, in the coming year everyone will see how the entire new systems does with regard to doctor availability and care.

How the stalemate is going to play out in the coming days is anyone’s guess. As far as enacting the new mandate with no exceptions, I think it’s safe to say this president has bent a few laws in the last five years. Both sides have bloviated their beliefs of how wonderful and what a disaster the new health care mandate will be. We’re going to find out in the coming months who was right.

Kevin Noa