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October 11, 2013

Park officials don't usually act that way

To the editor:

As a resident of Park County, Wyo., I was horrified to read (via a friend’s Facebook post) of the treatment Pat Vaillancourt and fellow tourists received in Yellowstone National Park; in fact, I was moved to tears. I can’t even begin to imagine the shock and fear these tourists, especially those visiting from abroad, felt at the hands of the “Gestapo” park officials who are following incomprehensibly ridiculous orders to enforce the “do not recreate” edict!

My family and I drive through this beautiful park several times each year, and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with park officials; the sudden change is beyond worrisome. These acts of inhumanity, no matter who is giving the orders, are un-American and despicable.

I want to let Pat know that, should she ever dare to venture to this side of the country again when the parks reopen, I would be delighted to host her at our home and personally escort her to all my favorite sites in Yellowstone, if she would like. We private citizens cannot give up on embodying the American spirit of helping one another and caring for one another, even when our own government has.

Amy Moore

Powell, Wyo.

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