, Newburyport, MA

October 28, 2013

Kinsey the best choice in at-large race

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Newburyport is blessed to have so many fine choices for the at-large positions on the City Council in November’s election.

With three well-respected incumbents and a six new candidates running at-large, it can be difficult to decide who deserves a vote and who doesn’t.

Among the new candidates there is one person who has distinguished herself both with her actions and her words.

Meghan Kinsey has helped to make Newburyport a better place to live by getting involved and devoting her time and talents to a wide range of issues affecting the city.

Most notably, Meghan was the driving force behind the successful Port Pride effort to fund the construction of the New Bresnahan, repair the Nock and Molin schools and (finally) make a senior center serving the whole community a reality. I had the chance to work with Meghan on this project and was continually impressed with her desire to make sure people understood how important this vote was to the city’s future.

In addition, Meghan has served on a number of boards and committees dedicated to improving the quality of life here in Newburyport: the Newburyport Education Foundation, the Perinatal and Community Benefits Advisory Committees at Anna Jaques Hospital, the School Superintendent Search Committee, the Newburyport Youth Soccer and Lacrosse Associations and the Greater Newburyport Mothers and Families Club, to name a few.

A common thread among all of these efforts is Meghan’s ability to make connections with people. She loves to learn from and collaborate with those who know and care about the issues impacting our city.

Best of all, Meghan listens. And not just to those with whom she agrees. Meghan is fearless in her willingness to tackle the tough issues head on and work with people from all across the spectrum of opinions to find a common ground that leads to consensus.

While several of the candidates running at-large seem to be defined by a rigid stance on a single issue, Meghan understands that serving on the City Council is really about serving the will of the people of Newburyport and not about advancing her own personal agenda.

Meghan Kinsey is smart, tireless and passionate about making Newburyport an even better place to live. She works well with people and will work hard for the people of Newburyport.

She is the best of a strong group of candidates running at-large for the City Council and she deserves your consideration on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Gary Gorski