, Newburyport, MA

November 1, 2013

Kezer always focuses on the positives

Newburyport Daily News

---- — To the editor:

Mayor Kezer always focuses on the positives, continually shows his leadership skills and determination while working toward improving our community. Critics often comment about what our mayor should be doing or not, all the while ignoring the positive activities taking place.

That said, once more he has earned my support.

As some say we are at a crossroad; they are right. The choices before Amesbury are quite clear. Keep the positive projects moving towards completion? Or slow them down and/or drop them altogether. I believe we must commit to them going forward. Mayor Kezer and our City Council are being as frugal as possible while maintaining a healthy city for us to live in.

Ever since 1962 when I decided to move here and raise our family in Amesbury, taxes were always an annual complaint. Then as it is now, we have the luxury of good schools, where my children and now my grandchildren are receiving a very good education. First-rate public safety departments, ambulance service that is second to none. Clean and safe drinking water and the list goes on ...

Unfortunately as it is, all of these benefits need to maintained and be paid for by tax income.

Candidate Ken Gray and his supporters claim he will reduce taxes by controlling and cut back on spending.

He has said that he will need time to find where savings can be made and what budgets need to be reduced. Honestly, he does not really have a plan, other than I will review and make reductions to lower your taxes.

Where does he make substantial enough changes to really reduce Amesbury’s taxes?

Which services do you want to see reduced or cut? Schools, police, fire, ambulance, library, senior services, health department, veterans services, after-school programs, parks, school sports or music departments.

I am not saying Mr. Gray will cut any of these services ... but I ask if he does not, where are his reductions/savings coming from? Oh, he said from better management and future tax base growth.

As mentioned above I strongly believe Amesbury needs to re-elect Thatcher Kezer our mayor. He has the management skills and commitment to keep Amesbury moving forward.

This not the time to elect and give on-the-job training to someone at this time. Maybe after candidate Ken Gray invests more time learning more about our community, he would be a more viable candidate.

George V. Casey