, Newburyport, MA

September 3, 2007

A Port in Progress Archive

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Bradshaw brought new direction to NRA

Group swayed city to reject hotel, create arts center

Third time not the charm on waterfront

Second effort to develop waterfront failed

37 years later, waterfront's woes remain unresolved

Homecoming, city's revival share roots

Three mayors, one goal

A place with 'so much charm'

Sidewalk superintendents watched and worried as the buildings came down

The day the 'federal bulldozer' came to town

The hardest place to restore: East Row showed Urban Renewal's growing pains

Renovators had to make new look old

The day Bossy's Garage fell

30 years later, city's front porch is showing age

Perry's contributions to Port seen today

Famed architect gave Port hope

Meet Inn Street's pioneers

Inn St. was first renewal experiment

The roofs were rotting and the wall were bulging

Watt's Cellar keeps its secrets hidden

Famed doctor helped save Port

Port's revival hinged on a few crucial actions

40 years later, art association thrives

Custom House struggles to find its way

Page building a forerunner of transformation

Autos, malls, economy cause Port's decline

A Port in Progress

An unwelcome glimpse of the future