, Newburyport, MA

October 10, 2012

Amesbury's Millette consulted on Kevin James picture

By Dan Guttenplan Sports Editor
Newburyport Daily News

---- — AMESBURY — Scott Millette is filled with ideas, some that relate to each other, and others that have a life of their own.

At the forefront of Millette’s thought process is Friday’s release of the movie, “Here Comes the Boom,” a Sony Pictures production starring Kevin James. Millette served as a consultant for the movie, drawing on his experience as the president of the Global Fight League, based out of Amesbury.

Millette started the GFL in 2008, and has since established himself as a master of production value at mixed martial arts events. In the movie, James’ character decides to take up ultimate fighting, although he has no previous experience fighting.

“I worked on all different facets of the movie,” Millette said. “I helped do a lot of the casting with the ring girls and announcers. I helped produce some of the fight scenes. I’m a mega movie buff, so this has always been a dream of mine.”

Millette has explored many professional avenues by the age of 36. After high school, he went to Lake Tahoe, Calif., to pursue a career in the snowboarding industry. First, he built, designed and fixed snowboards before becoming a technical representative for Airwalk. He later served as local snowboarding legend Scotty Lago’s agent.

“Film has always been a passion of mine,” Millette said. “Part of the reason I started the GFL was I knew it was a way to get into television production, besides the fact that I loved MMA and had a background in action sports.”

Initially, Millette hit some bumps in the road in promoting his new fight league. Now, he says the GFL is known for having the best production for fights around New England.

“I went through the same plight with my snowboarding experience,” Millette said. “At first, it wasn’t accepted as a sport, and then it became mainstream. I predicted the future.”

Millette lent his expertise to Sony Pictures for “Here Comes the Boom,” and as part of the return on his services, he was invited to a movie premier at Lowe’s Theaters in Boston Monday evening.

“I’ve been a fan of Kevin James from ‘King of Queens,’ but I’ve never been big on his movies,” Millette said. “Honestly, though, this movie is awesome. It’s like ‘Remember the Titans.’ It’s funny, but it’s more of an inspirational movie.”

Millette was surprised to see his name in the credits Monday evening. He is hoping to ride the momentum from this movie into his next venture into the Hollywood production scene.

“I’ve always thought about writing a movie about snowboarding,” Millette said. “Not until this movie did I decide to sit down and write it.”

Millette recently accepted a bid on his script from Hollywood producer J. Todd Harris, who recently released the movie, “Crooked Arrows.” The snowboarding-themed movie will have a main character based on a combination of two lives: Millette’s and Lago’s. Millette plans to begin fundraising for the movie in December in hopes of beginning filming in March. He hopes to release the movie by the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

In other news, Millette’s Global Fight League recently partnered with Latitude Sports Club in Peabody. Millette plans to use the Peabody gym as the set for a reality mixed martial arts television show.

“We’re looking for people who have never done it before,” Millette said. “It’s like Kevin James’ character in the movie. They think they might want to do it, but they have to go through tryouts first.”