, Newburyport, MA

April 23, 2014

Around the Horn with Port freshman Ben Mirageas

By Mac Cerullo
Sports Editor

---- — Newburyport freshman Ben Mirageas made quite a debut on the ice this past winter, emerging as one of the varsity hockey team’s leading scorers as a defenseman to help lead the Clippers to the state tournament.

Now in the early stages of spring, Mirageas appears ready to have the same kind of impact on the lacrosse field as well. Yesterday, Mirageas recorded 5 points to help lead the Clippers to a 19-6 win over Lynnfield, tallying 4 goals and an assist in just his third varsity game.

In this week’s Around the Horn, Mirageas talks about his expectations for this season, his experience playing hockey and lacrosse and some other interests he has that might surprise people.

Mac: So you scored four goals today. Would you say this was the best game of your high school career so far?

Ben: Yeah, I think this was my best game. During Masco I had one goal, and after that I said I have to pick it up a bit and help out the team, so I got four today.

Mac: Mostly I’ve seen you play hockey, but it seems that lacrosse comes pretty naturally to you as well. What are your expectations for this season?

Ben: I came into the season and I think I knew I’d be a big part of this team. A couple of the captains have told me, Drew and Dillon, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

Mac: Does your experience with hockey help translate to lacrosse?

Ben: I’ve been playing both sports since I was about 5. It’s been a big part of life for me.

Mac: Do you do anything in the fall?

Ben: I play hockey in the fall, so it’s hockey in the fall and winter and then lacrosse in the spring.

Mac: What other interests do you have outside of sports?

Ben: I actually play the piano — most people are shocked when I tell them that. I started about five years ago and I find it interesting.

Mac: What’s your favorite song to play?

Ben: It’s called “The Wedding Dress.” I don’t know the artist but it sounds cool.

Mac: That’s cool. Do you play in concert or anything or is it just casual?

Ben: No, I just play in my room by myself mostly.

Mac: All right, well what else do you do in your free time then besides sports and piano?

Ben: I actually spend a lot of time wrestling with my brother [Zack].

Mac: Nice. Older or younger?

Ben: He’s 16, so he’s older. He goes to The Governor’s Academy, but he’s coming here next year as a senior.

Mac: Does he play lacrosse and hockey, too?

Ben: Yeah, he plays lacrosse and hockey, same as me. He’s really good, he’ll be a big addition to the team when he gets here. [Editors note: Zack Mirageas was an ISL All-Star selection in hockey this past season.]

Mac: Awesome. Any last thoughts or things you’d like to add?

Ben: I’m just looking forward to the rest of the season.