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August 10, 2013

100 or bust

Newburyport's Hribar to run ultra race in Leadville, Colo.

There is endurance, then there are 100-mile races. Newburyport’s Maddy Hribar runs 100 mile races.

“It’s a little insane,” admitted Hribar. “(But) my first 100, I won, outright.”

Hribar, 29, is referring to Pennsylvania’s Pine Creek Challenge, which she won last year with a time of 18 hours and 16 minutes.

“My first 100 went surprisingly well,” she said. “I messed up my foot around mile 40. So I was trying to run on an injured foot. But I knew that I was in the lead and there was definitely no way that I was backing down, even if we had to cut my foot off or whatever. You’ve got to be kind of stubborn. You can’t just sit down and call it a day.”

For the uninitiated, a 100-mile race is just that, 100 miles, nonstop. Food and water are taken in while running. There are no breaks (other than running into the woods for a moment to relieve oneself) and no sleep.

“You’re delirious by the time you’re finished, everything hurts,” said Hribar, who will be running the Leadville Trail 100 Run in Colorado Aug. 17-18.

“It’s not just your legs. You’re trying to carry your food on your vest or something like that, taking water. After 100 miles, everything starts to break down. You’ve got to watch your feet for blisters. Your knees are killing you. It’s just painful.”

A member of the Port Racing running club, the New Balance employee recently took the top women’s honors at the Spring Fever 5K in Newburyport in May and The Nat Bibaud 5K in June. Hribar was also the top Newburyport women’s runner at the Boston Marathon this year with a time of 3:01:00.

But for her, a marathon is a walk in the park.

“My dad was a marathoner,” said Hribar. “He thinks that my long distances are sort of crazy. I really like the marathon distance, but I did my first ultra a couple of years ago when I first moved up here and I really liked it. It’s a totally different thing. It’s a different set of people and a different mentality as far as the race goes.”

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