, Newburyport, MA

December 12, 2013

Capsules: All the news that's fit to print on the winter sports season

Newburyport Daily News



Coach: Paul Yameen (11th season)

Last year’s record: 12-4-5

Key returning players: Travis Wile, sr.; Nick Federico, sr.; Tim Brennan, sr.; Ben Ventura, jr.; Matt Kelleher, jr.; A.J. Williams, sr.; Austin Roy, jr.; Tyler Therrien, jr.; Scott Webster, so.; Tyson Gudiatis, so.; Connor Brennan, so.; Travis Koocher, jr.

Newcomers: Ben Mirageas, fr.; Tanner Derby, fr.; Harrison Good, fr.; Brendan Barraclough, jr.; Robert Federico, fr.; Paul Federico, fr.; Austin Elmore, so.; Reilly Brown, so.; Noah Kolesha, so.; Jimmy Gallo, so.; Robert Lagasse, so.

Strength: Depth.

Concern: Goaltending.

Coach’s outlook: “We think we have a good mix of experience and youth this year. We feel we will get better as we go and expect to be in the mix at the end.”

First game: Saturday (noon) at Lynnfield


Coach: Chris Kuchar (4th season)

Last year’s record: 8-10-2

Key returning players: Tabor Smith, jr.; J.T. Chamberlain, so.; Connor Stevens, sr.; Zach Fitzgerald, sr.; Austin Toohey, jr.; Andy Reidy, sr.; Travis Motsis, jr.; Bradley Kelleher, so.; Keith Kowalick, so.; Mike Duggan, jr.; Patrick Rodden, jr.

Newcomers: Brendan Foley, so.; Heath King, so.; Jack Aponas, so.; Jake Harlow, so.; Nick Heitmann, sr.

Strength: Depth.

Concerns: Leadership and goaltending.

Coach’s outlook: “We were one win away in our final three games of last season to qualify for a state tournament berth for the first time since 2006, but we fell short. All the players from that team are back and have been hungry and motivated to accomplish more this season. That has been their theme the last 9 months. With only three seniors on the team our concern will be leadership and confidence. We’ll be looking for one of the veteran players to step up and lead and a goalie to emerge.”

First game: Saturday (7 p.m.) at Triton


Coach: Drew Wile (5th season)

Last year’s record: 12-9-1

Key returning players: Kyle Hillick, sr.; Andy Sheerin, sr.; Will McCaffery, sr.; Josh Janvrin, sr.; Josh Brown, sr.; Devon Shuman, sr.; Spencer Norton, sr.; Joe Schickling, jr.; Jarrod Guetin, jr.; Jack Killion, jr.; Shea Capolupo, so.; Brian McCaffery, so.

Newcomers: Andy Siemasko, so.; Josh Darcy, so.; Cam Beevers, so.; Jed Cutter, fr.; Barrett Towns, fr.; Jake Daniels, fr.; Nolan Smith, so.; Bill Ruocco, sr.

Strengths: Goaltending experience and top six forwards.

Concern: Depth at forward and defense.

Coach’s outlook: “This has been the best preseason in my tenure at Triton. All the players that tried out have trained so hard and have stepped up putting aside individual goals to focus on the hardest schedule in the program’s history. Unlike many, these fearless young men have embraced the concept of team and the move to Division 1. They don’t want to hear the word ‘rebuild’ and have kept the goals of the past three years.”

First game: Saturday (7 p.m.) vs. Amesbury


Coach: Bill Burns (18th season)

Last year’s record: 8-10-2

Key returning players: Bobby Hallowell, sr.; Patrick Slack, sr.; Bob Barry, sr.; Connor Maley, sr.; Ben Klosowski, jr.; Jeremy Binding, jr.; Brayden Carney, jr.; John Moner, jr.; Andrew Greenbaum, so.

Newcomers: Cam Wolbach, so.; Ethan Bridgewater, so.

Strengths: Senior leadership and defensive experience.

Concerns: Goaltending.

Coach’s outlook: “We certainly look to be back in the hunt this season in the CAL, which I believe to be one of the strongest Division 2 leagues in the state. I expect our upperclassmen to lead this group with hard work toward our regular season goal of a berth in the state tournament.”



Coach: Tom Comeau (1st season)

Last year’s record: 10-11

Key returning players: Pat Halloran, Jack Fortin, Pat Scanlon, Mac Short

Newcomers: Ryan Foley, Fred Halloran, Riley O’Connor, Dan Welch, Alex Mercier

Strengths: Team chemistry.

Concerns: Inexperience of kids who will have to contribute.

Coach’s outlook: “We made the tournament last year, so we are hoping to build on that and create a winning atmosphere. Making the tournament is our goal.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) at Ipswich


Coach: Tom L’Italien (9th season)

Last year’s record: 14-8

Key returning players: Dillon Guthro, Adam Traxler, Drew Borudeau, Jeff Martin, Mike Shay, Dan Baribeault

Newcomers: Caleb Stot, Steve Simkins, Jake Barlow, Jake Berger, Liam Hundertmark, Mike Jayne, Matt Short, Ronnie Mwai

Strengths: Athleticism, competitiveness, character, depth.

Concerns: Preseason injuries.

Coach’s outlook: “We want to live up to our expectations, not other people’s expectations. We are focused on getting better on a day-to-day basis and we feel trusting our process will lead to a successful season for our team. We never put a win total on our season, we simply want to be great each day and we feel the wins will take care of themselves.”

First game: Tomorrow (7 p.m.) vs. North Reading


Coach: Ed Hickey (2nd season)

Last year’s record: 8-12

Key returning players: Adam Chory, Brian Kurchar, Mike Audik, Jake Bordianeau

Newcomers: Pat Beaton, Pat Freiermuth

Strengths: Depth.

Concerns: Lack of height.

Coach’s outlook: “We are hoping to make the tournament this year. I do feel that we will be better this year than last year. We have no superstar, but we have a lot of hard-working, solid high school basketball players who will compete every day. I think we will have a chance in every game.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) vs. Saugus


Coach: David Clay (3rd season)

Last year’s record: 9-11

Key returning players: Ellsworth Rogers, Cam Armand, Bradley Whitman

Newcomers: Jake Germinara, Corey Parsons, Jake Gilbert, Nick Venora, Khalil Brito, James Ford, Kevin Clark, Larry Cuddy, Sam Wright, Curtis Lanphear, Conor Henry

Strengths: Work ethic, commitment.

Concerns: Lack of experience.

Coach’s outlook: “A lot of players prepared well for the season, and you can see it in the passion they bring to our practices. If each player performs his role to the best of his ability, values the ball, and is committed to playing tough team defense, we will be able to compete in every game. Our goal is to communicate effectively and to be great teammates to one another on and off the court. If we strive to achieve our goal each and every practice, the rest will take care of itself. I have no tolerance for selfish behavior or performing poorly on the defensive end whether it is in practice or a game.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) vs. Hamilton-Wenham



Coach: John McNamara (8th season)

Last year’s record: 24-2

Key returning players: McKenna Kilian, Kelsi McNamara, Maddie Torrisi, Kassidy Kennefick, Boo Torrisi, Hannah Hollow, Taylor Moore, Carolyn Modlish, Riley Holden

Newcomers: Audrey Tipson, June Reid, Carolyn Penney

Strengths: Work ethic and commitment.

Concerns: Lack of experience.

Coach’s outlook: “We are a young team this year, but our goals are the same each season. That is to be competitive in the CAL and qualify for the state tournament. The CAL Large Division is very deep this year and should be very competitive.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) at Saugus


Coach: Gregg Dollas (4th season)

Last year’s record: 11-10

Key returning players: Aly Leahy, Mary Pettigrew, Lilly Donovan, Emily Pettigrew, Amy Sullivan, Jaycie Triandifilou

Newcomers: Abbie Bresnehan, Lily Eagen, Morgan Johnston

Strengths: Toughness, athleticism, unity.

Concerns: Consistency.

Coach’s outlook: “Heading into the season, we have high goals, and we plan to work hard to achieve those goals one practice, play and game at a time.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) at North Reading


Coach: Charlie Noonan (1st season)

Last year’s record: 2-16

Key returning players: Alexa Reilly, Hannah Canning

Newcomers: The rest of the varsity roster.

Strengths: Enthusiasm and energy.

Concern: The learning curve for installing a new system.

Coach’s outlook: “Our goal is to get a fresh start on a new season with 22 games in the schedule. We want to get off to a fresh start with new players, new coaches, a new schedule and a new system.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) at Hamilton-Wenham


Coach: Chris Perry (24th season)

Last year’s record: 10-11

Key returning players: Courtney Borkowski, Zoe Cummings, Emily Williams, Mackenzie Cloutier, Julia Schlich, Amanda Martin

Newcomers: Megan Borkowski, Meagan Reid, Zoe Fitzgerald, Sophia Uhlark, Lauren Fedorchak, Maddy Napoli, Abby Sartori, Julia Lamontagne

Strengths: Depth.

Concerns: Experience, scoring.

Coach’s outlook: “We will try to improve on last year’s tournament qualification. We will take it one game at a time.”

First game: Tomorrow (6:30 p.m.) at Ipswich



Coach: Dennis Puleo (11th season)

Last year’s record: 15-7

Key returners: Josh Wesolowski, Sean Clohisy, Kyle Knox, Dylan Cedula, Brett Connelly, Noah Mahli, Colin Bode, Garrett Lischke, Niki Crawford, Joe Raimondi, Joe Garfi

Newcomers: Kalon Boston, Ben Martin, Sarah Steele, Cammi Balentine, Sam Marchant, Matt Garfi, Aidan Hallahan, Will Beard, Jon Parsons, Grant Lancaster, Andrew Detalo

Strength: Two sectional champions return for the Sachems.

Concern: Youth.

Coach’s outlook: “We are expecting to improve during the season with a young group. We are expecting to have a couple of champions this year.”

First meet: Today (5 p.m.) at Salem


Coach: Ryan Archambault (1st season)

Last year’s record: 5-17

Key returners: Mike Gallanar, Matt Prescott, Mason Dalley, Charlie Galanis, Carsten LaPlante, Derek Chamberlain, Henry Gorrell

Newcomers: Tom Mulligan, Dan Bennett, Charlie Koshivas, Josiah Krason, Dan Lampert

Strengths: Work ethic, desire to improve.

Concerns: Lack of depth, lack of experience.

Coach’s outlook: “We have a very motivated, hard-working group of kids. We look to be .500 or better in dual meets. Several divisional wrestlers should compete at a high level at the league, sectional and state tournament.”

First meet: Tomorrow vs. Josiah Quincy Upper School


Coach: Shawn McElligott (16th season)

Last year’s record: 18-6

Key returners: Mark Boyle, Cody Nixon, Thomas Howell, Luke Boyle, Jared Stanley, Josh Misiano, Joe Lyons, John Boyle, Brody Johnson, Lewis L’Heureux

Newcomers: Nick Desrocher, Jake Durkin, Alex Moffat

Strength: Experience.

Concern: Depth.

Coach’s outlook: “If we can rely on our experience and give some time for our newcomers to get some experience, we hope to be competitive in the Division 3 North Section.”

First meet: Saturday (10 a.m.) at Quincy, with Belmont and Wellesley



Coach: Tim Foley (19th season)

Last year’s record: 8-0

Key returners: Jared Healey, James Nutter, Nick Carleo, Chris Orlando, Josh Darcy, Tim Englehart, Gabe Ficht, Steve Hancock, Nick Howard, Tyler Newfell, Alec Reduker, Kurt Reusse, Bob Landergan, Justin Wolpert, Ryan Stuart, Caleb Gorman, Jacob Majahad, Mike Lawler, Nick Maloof, Ari Carlat

Newcomers: Tom Graham, Andrew Beaupre, Ryan Furlong, John Sokol, Kevin MacDougal, Shane Buchannan, Dan Ballentine, John Boynton, Spencer Emmith, Chris Goullard, Nick Howland, Sean Kealey, Jackson Kealey, Spencer Reap, Owen Marshall, Dominic Noce, Rory Scanlon, Joe Sceery, Harrison Speak, Cullen Sullivan, Seamus Sullivan, Charles Taylor, Evan Trego

Strength: Experience of winning back-to-back state titles.

Concern: Development of newcomers.

Coach’s outlook: “We will compete.”

First meet: Saturday (9 a.m.) vs. Lynnfield at Ipswich


Coach: Ernie Bissaillon (18th season)

Last year’s record: 2-5

Key returners: Adam Elfiki, Doug Masi, James Stone, Brian Chabot, Ben Cullen, Nick Fortuna, Tim Kelleher, Alex Ingesoll

Newcomers: James Worthen, Pat McCue, Cole Legg, Bailey Flanagan, Tim Flanagan

Strength: Experience.

Concern: Throws.

Coach’s outlook: “We’ll try to improve on last year’s dual meet record in an always tough Cape Ann League and qualify as many individuals as possible for the postseason.”

First meet: Dec. 18 (7 p.m.) vs. Pentucket at Andover


Coach: Joe Colbert (8th season)

Last year’s record: 1-5-1

Key returners: Kam Mitchell, Erik Siebert, Austin Stevens, Curran Callewaert, Brandon Duford, Brandon Tardugno, Nick Amello, Cam Atherton, Chris Barry, Brian Cox, Dan Horgan, Ryan Kent, Andrew Perilli, Ethan Smith, Scott Tanch, Mark Theberge, Abe Wiblin, Luis Fernandez, Sean Kennedy, Anthony Theriault

Newcomers: Mike Marcolini, Brandon Amello, Tim Amello, Teddy Barlow, Ryan Atherton, Curran Callewaert, Austin Clark, Wyatt Desroches, Ben Misiano, Chris Perry, Victor Pinheiro, Bryon Popp, Tyler Smith, Hunter Stevens

Strengths: Work ethic and attitude.

Concerns: Overall depth and experience.

Coach’s outlook: “This group is committed to beginning to get the team back to where it was two years ago after we really struggled last year. The seniors and juniors really want to compete and get better, and it’s the biggest, most talented freshman class we’ve had in years, so the future is bright. As we gain experience, we’ll get more competitive and I expect we’ll find success as the season goes along.”

First meet: Dec. 18 vs. North Reading and Newburyport at Andover


Coach: Darrel Cox (1st season)

Last year’s record: Not a varsity program

Newcomers: Liam Corkery, Michael Sullivan, Will Coppola, Morgan Capener, Alex Demeule, Drew Capener, Sam Coppola, Alan Barlow, Josh Wildes, Nate Hey, Sean O’Brien, Owen Meyer, Cooper Carifio, David Greene, Jordan Maysonet

Strength: Distance group.

Concern: Inexperience as varsity program.

Coach’s outlook: “We should be fairly competitive in the sprints, and most of the running events. We have a decent amount of athletes, but it will take some time to develope in the skilled events.”

First meet: Dec. 18 vs. Amesbury and Lynnfield at Andover



Coach: Tim Foley (19th season)

Last year’s record: 6-3

Key returners: Birgitta Glaser, Erin Carroll, Amanda Kenney, Lauren Bean, Saah Turi, Becca Speak, Bella Palma, Kelly Conway, Maria Sterling, Liza Twomey, Samantha Orlando, Julia Frisch, Kim Capri

Newcomers: Hannah Sheehy, Jackie Archie, Lindsay Hurst, Maddie Goodheart, Ava Black, Kate Nickodemus, Marcella Mastracola, Claudia Runk, Sophia Carlat, Charolette Graf, Erin Filetti, Lilyanne Riley, Savannah Waterworth

Strengths: Hurdles, sprints.

Concerns: Throws, development of newcomers.

Coach’s outlook: “We want to improve meet by meet.”

First meet: Saturday (9 a.m.) vs. Lynnfield at Ipswich


Coach: Ernie Bissaillon (18th season)

Last year’s record: 1-8

Key returners: Julia Shorter, Emily Pugh, Marissa Randall, Lucy Scholz, Genielou Brogan

Newcomers: Samantha Stone, Hailee Gibadlo, Lacy Raymond, Lauren Gonthier, Caitlyn Magowan

Strengths: Throws and distance events.

Concerns: Hurdles and jumps.

Coach’s outlook: “We’ll try to improve on last year’s dual meet record in an always tough Cape Ann League and qualify as many individuals as possible for the postseason.”

First meet: Dec. 18 (7 p.m.) vs. Pentucket at Andover


Coach: Joe Colbert (2nd season)

Last year’s record: 2-6

Key returners: Kerstin Darsney, Laura Frackiewicz, Liz Willmonton, Jess Fish, Erin Holloran, Sydney Rybicki, Rachel Jean, Jeanne Martin, Brianna Ramirez, Ceili Riccio, Jess Savage, Skyler Accomando, Sam Dibacco, Beatrice Donoghue, Audrey Martin, Ava Moran, Bridget Moran, Sadie O’Keefe, Jackie Robert, Maddie Quigley, Danielle Sedler

Newcomers: Mackenzie Steeves, Tess Broll, Nicola Hepp, Emma McGonagle, Kylie Smith, Greta Auwerda, Kendra Beauparlant, Alexi Brochu, Becca Cagney, Sophia Corsetti, Noelle Indingaro, Skyla Lewis, Sarah Maggiacomo, Dayna Rybicki

Strengths: Top-end talent.

Concerns: Overall youth and lack of experience.

Coach’s outlook: “Our upper-level kids should give us a shot in most meets, but to be really competitive we will need the younger kids to contribute. Last year was an excellent freshman class and we have another strong group coming in along with some talented new sophomores. Eventually we’re going to be pretty good. The question is how long will it take for us to start really competing.”

First meet: Dec. 18 vs. North Reading and Newburyport at Andover


Coach: Steve Derro (17th season)

Last year’s record: 7-2

Key returners: Ali Attenasio, Jordan Balletto, Emma Marchant, Charlotte Merritt, Rachel Perry, Tyler Feeney, Brenna Logan, Jenny Marra, Brianna Repke, Paige Wesolowski, Brooke Chambers, Grace Dore

Newcomers: Kasey Mann, Sophie Capobianco, Maddie Nelson, Jennie Nelson, Sterling Seymour, Ashley Riter, Siobhan Mitchell

Strength: Participation numbers (74).

Concern: Inexperience.

Coach’s outlook: “We graduated a lot of key seniors from last year’s team, but we have a great group of veterans and a lot of newcomers who are working hard to fill those spots vacated by last year’s seniors. If we can keep getting better week to week we expect to be very competitive in the league.”

First meet: Dec. 18 (7 p.m.) vs. Amesbury and Lynnfield at Andover