, Newburyport, MA


June 7, 2011

Police issue warrant for downtown stabbing suspect

Gang, youth problems lead to more patrols in downtown Newburyport


Last week, the suspected one-time leader of Crimesquad 4 Life 3:19, Paris Cormier of Haverhill, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering as he and others tried to establish a drug-selling business out of a vacant Amesbury apartment in January. Cormier was sentenced to seven months in jail with 143 days deemed served, while five drug-related charges were dropped.

Last summer, Newburyport police saw an elevated rate of violent incidents involving teens and young adults compared to years past. Some of the incidents, according to police, involved youths intimidating those who frequent the area and allegations of vandalism, drug use and drug dealing. But on many occasions, the incidents involved violence between gang members.

Police have noticed an uptick in the number of young adults and teens wearing colors that suggest they belong to gangs. They've also noticed a structure to the teen's activity that implies they are staking their turf.

Howard said most of the youths who hang around Inn Street don't even live in the city but are attracted to the downtown Newburyport area because it has been well known for years as a place to be seen by others.

"It reflects a need for them to be public," Howard said.

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