It was only for one week that we got old-school football.

By that I mean favorites beat underdogs, teams with better quarterbacks beat teams with lesser quarterbacks, and Super Bowl favorites did their jobs.

But Week 9 brought us back to the craziness and unpredictability of the 2019 season. While the home teams prevailed in a 11 of the 13 weekend games and there were only four minor upsets, several contests were small point spreads and literal coin flips.

For me it was another struggle, netting just seven correct selections out of the 13 games. To be honest, that wasn’t bad compared to the rest of the contest entries (only 50 were better).

All of the T-shirt winners in Week 8 were within three points of the Patriots’ point total (20). The second tiebreaker (number of correct selections) was also needed. Of those that were three points away, all T-shirt winners had at least nine correct selections.

By the way, in my early struggles I am 9-0 on Monday night.

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded. 

Week 9 winners

Bina Beauregard of Amesbury

Pete Ahlers of Magnolia

Patricia Ketabchi of Newburyport

Lynda Proctor Mahoney of Gloucester

John Jwanowski of Peabody

Cedric Lowe of Gloucester

David Wendell of Salem

Christina Crovetti of Amesbury

Bobb Ullfo of Lynn

Charlie Sforza of Byfield

Howard Farber of Peabody

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