She carries on his father's tradition

Carol Falcone, 64, of Gloucester, picked all 15 games correctly in Week 15. She credits her father for his passion and knowledge.

How much does Carol Falcone love football?

Let us count the ways. 

“I spent most of the weekends as a kid watching college and pro sports with my father (Joe),” said Falcone, 64 of Gloucester, whose father passed away in 1983 of heart disease.

“He was a total sports nut except for tiddlywinks. Back in those days of no cable or remote controls, he had the radio and TV on simultaneously to hear and watch as many games as possible,” recalled Falcone. “And my job was to keep changing the channels for him. I loved it.”

Falcone has carried on the family tradition. While grilling outside on the deck on Sundays, she has the grill positioned near the window to make sure she doesn’t miss play of any game that’s on TV.

“I’m not kidding,” she said. “I love the games, especially when the Patriots are on. I do a lot of screaming at the television while watching the games, but I don’t know if it helps.”

Falcone says a typical Sunday during the football season goes something like this:

“I usually get up early and my early morning coffee,” said Falcone. “Then I watch the news stations and get some political updates. I have time for a few errands before coming back home to watch the games. I have a large extended family that includes many close friends and neighbors. I look forward to every weekend.”

Falcone grew up in Malden, graduating from Malden High in 1971, but Gloucester has been her home for more than 35 years.

She has been a licensed rehabilitation counselor for 37 years.

Two weeks ago, she was picked all 15 games correctly, only the third person to do it in the “I Beat Burt” Contest this year.

“I always pick the Pats. I could never pick against them,” she said. “I try to keep on top of who needs to win, who’s injured, and home team advantage. Home teams usually win.”

As for the Patriots, she says the 2017 is showing some clutch play that she expects to continue.

“The Pats are a different team this year, not as dominant as they’ve been in previous years,” she said. “But they can still pull out wins in the fourth quarter, especially in the last few minutes. The games are very nerve-wracking, but they find ways to win.”

Finally, some winners

It’s about time somebody, or at least a group of entries, won this contest.

While I had another good week -- 13 winners of the 16 games -- there were 23 entries that actually picked more winners. 

My last four weeks have been: 10-3, 14-1, 10-4 and 13-3. 

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded. In Week 16, all of the winners at 14 winners and predicted the Patriots would score 32 or more points (Pats scored 37).

Week 16 winners

Al Somes of Beverly

Tony Moschetto of Woburn

Bill Gurczak of Newburyport

Dan Ryan of Peabody

Michael Thisle of Peabody

Gary Johnson of Middleton

Vincent Abramo of Salem

Alexander Carter of Topsfield

Leslie Murray of Newbury

Paul Doherty of Lynn


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