Many autobiographies are marketed as "intimate" but most aren't.

Carly's Simon's memoir titled "Boys in the Trees," though, is really quite chatty on personal matters.

Indeed, she talks about her moments with Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, husband James Taylor and more. (More? Could there be more than this collection of high-visibility all-stars?)

She is not raunchy but she is informative.

Simon, of course, was a top recording artist starting in the '70s, and she was married to singer-songwriter James Taylor for about a decade through the '80s.

Both developed boffo careers and were enormously popular. 

But that created a problem that modern couples have bemoaned for at least a half century: Two careers, many domestic complications.

Perhaps because of that, her breezy recollection is absorbing. She was the wealthy daughter of a founder of Simon and Schuster, and spent childhood summers on Martha's Vineyard with some of the East Coast's top families.

This included the Taylors, and James was one son of a Harvard-educated doctor.

She always loved to sing, in part because it helped conquer a stammer that embarrassed her.

Later, she wrote songs and always seemed to have a ditty in her head.

Carly recalls she wrote "Anticipation" when waiting for the (young) singer Cat Stevens to show up for a dinner date.

In adulthood, she spent many of her best years on the Vineyard, and her children turned out fine.

The singer seems a little disappointed that her married life with James didn't last longer but Sweet Baby James was once a substance abuser - and a mercurial mate.

Still, as she heads into her 70s, her life has been full and eventful as she mixed with the most talented performers of her generation.

And she has lived (well) to tell the tale.


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