“Obama Wars” was written in 2010 by Bob Woodward but it is still relevant.


One reason is that conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are still in motion seven years later.


It’s remarkable that national leaders are still seeking solutions but there it is.


Woodward, the Washington Post icon, notes it was a tough problem then.


It still is.


Also, the book re-acquaints readers with former president Obama.


It is comforting to read about how many study sessions he called, and how much advice he sought from top leaders of both parties.


Um, that does not appear to be happening now.




  • There was a great line from Joe Biden, who said, “George Bush ruined the world. Now we have to fix it.” Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, which Bush said came from his “gut reaction,” has been among the most costly blunders in this nation’s history.


  • Woodward, the Post’s investigative lion from the Watergate expose, has a lofty place in the newspaper world. He pursues interviews from top world and national leaders that don’t necessary appear in the newspaper that employs him. It’s a very controversial position in the print world that Woodward can “hold out” information from editors but he has produced more than a dozen best-selling books while doing this..


  • The book, which I read on tape, suggests that national leaders must have a great ability to work with numerous tough issues at a time. Woodward’s book discusses the Iraq and Afghanistan decisions of 2009-2010, but Obama’s bigger job at this point was saving the country after the financial meltdown of 2008. It is remarkable that he righted the economy when he was also running two tough-to-win wars.



Obama – what a guy.



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