Novelist Tess Gerritsen is going out the bloody roof.

I use the word bloody because, well, most of her stories have a lot of blood and gore in them.

Gerritsen, who is appearing at the Newburyport Literary Festival on April 30, has hit the trifecta of writing success.

An independent movie based on one of her stories is currently being shot near her home of Camden, Maine.

Her mysteries have developed into a long-running TV series, "Rizzoli and Isles."

And she has written about a dozen best-selling novels.

Writers who dream of success can't picture much more than this.

But Tess is a rare and gifted bird.

A Chinese-American, she was raised in San Diego, schooled at Stanford and after medical school there, she started a practice in Honolulu in the late '80s.

During down time from her work, she entered a fiction contest.

She won first prize, and one thing led to another.

Tess married another physician, Jacob Gerritsen, and they have a glorious oceanside house on the coast.

She also plays the fiddle.

In preparation for her appearance at the Literary Festival here, I would say this: She is the best reader of any author I have heard in 10 years of the festival.

And she is open and accessible to readers who want to ask questions.

You might want to hear her on April 30.

Time and venue have not yet been announced.

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