Novelists Tess Gerritsen, B.A. Shapiro and Steve Ulfelder will appear on a mystery/fiction panel at the Newburyport Literary Festival on Saturday, April 30.

Gerritsen is a best-selling author whose mysteries have been turned into a TV series, Rizzoli & Isles.

Her new thriller is "Playing With Fire," but the story line does not include the two characters well known from exposure on television.

It focuses on a violin player who learns a composition that appears to turn her three-year-old daughter into a killer.

(An aside: Gerritsen said during a previous visit to the Literary Festival that she is not reluctant to develop scenes that might make some readers feel squeamish.)

The arrival of this book includes a unique promotion: the tune can be found on her website.

The composition "Incendio," performed by acclaimed violinist Yi-Jia Susanne Hou, can be found at Password is violin.

Adults with youngsters might assign their children to another room while it plays.

Gerritsen, a doctor, lives in Camden, Maine.

Shapiro, meanwhile, has written "The Muralist."

Part of it takes place during the '30s, when the New Deal was unfolding and artists like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner and William de Kooning were developing the art form known as abstract expressionism.

Shapiro has spoken here before when she discussed her book, "The Art Forger."

"The intersection between the Depression and art turned out to be the Works Progress Administration and the Abstract Expressionists," said Shapiro, in a statement. "When I discovered that Eleanor Roosevelt was responsible for including artists in the WPA, and that her greatest regret was not having saved enough European refugees before World War II, I knew the elements were all there for a story I had to write."

Shapiro teaches creative writing at Northeastern University.

Ulfelder, also a Boston-area resident, focuses on NASCAR racing and uses a recurring character, Conway Sax, a recovering alcoholic and amateur sleuth, to advance the action.

In this novel, titled "Wolverine Bros. Freight and Storage," Sax becomes a murder suspect in a story whose backdrop is motor sports.




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