NEWBURYPORT — Seqens North America announces it has won six 2019 Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards.

The local pharmaceutical manufacturer, formerly PCI Synthesis Inc., won in every category — quality, capabilities, compatibility, expertise, reliability and service — in Big Pharma, Small Pharma and Overall (Big and Small pharma combined), according to a company press release.

This is the fifth time in the awards program’s eight years that Seqens North America has received multiple awards, including across all six major categories.

The company said it has now won 30 CMO Leadership Awards since 2014. The awards were to be presented at a reception Wednesday in New York City.

For the 2019 awards, Life Science Leader magazine teamed up with Industry Standard Research to determine the recipients. More than 120 contract manufacturers were assessed by 23 performance metrics in the annual contract manufacturing quality benchmarking survey, the company said.

Seqens North America is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, or CDMO. It is a division of Seqens, which has 24 manufacturing sites and three research-and-development centers in Europe, North America and Asia.

Seqens North America CEO and President Ed Price praised his company and its employees.

“Amid growing industry competition, the fact that Seqens North America continues to win CMO Leadership Awards, especially across all categories, is a testament to our people, training and equipment as well as to our results-driven culture – particularly since winners are based on input from people who work with us,” he said.

“While we’re now known as Seqens North America, part of a global CDMO that can offer more resources and even deeper expertise, our commitment to being responsive to our sponsors remains a core value,” Price added.

Seqens, which provides small and mid-sized companies with the expertise to manufacture complex small molecules to be used as active pharmaceutical ingredients, or ACIs, has a portfolio of commercially approved products that now includes nine commercial products that either have or are imminently receiving Federal Drug Administration approval for sale in the U.S.

The division has more than 17 ACIs and other advanced material products in its pipeline, the company said. Seqens North America also manufactures new chemical entities, or NCEs, and other specialty chemical products.

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