Near-miss on I-95

Remarkable video captures a tractor-trailer skidding out of control and barely missing a car along I-95.

A recent storm system that coated highways in the northeast with black ice spawned hundreds of accidents, including a terrifying near-miss on I-95 in New Jersey in which a tractor-trailer skidded across three lanes of the highway and jumped a guardrail, narrowly missing a car whose driver caught the entire incident on camera.

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The driver posted the video to YouTube under the username MrLegolize. He had begun filming the scene in front of him when two other trucks swerved and came to a stop, blocking all three southbound lanes of I-95.

The man then realized a third tractor-trailer was headed toward him from behind, swerving rapidly out of control. The truck slid across all three lanes before driving over a median guardrail, barely missing the car in which the man was filming. The engine of the truck briefly appeared to catch fire as it spun around before coming to rest against the guardrail.

The accident, one of more than 500 reported across the Northeast on Sunday, is believed to have been caused by black ice, formed as freezing rain moved across the region.

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