NEWBURYPORT -- Effective immediately, all trash and recycling must be in barrels for curbside pick-up for the safety of workers, according to a statement from the city’s Sustainability Office.

Beginning with Monday pickup, any trash left on the curb for collection must be in bags and inside a barrel. Trash is collected manually, so for the safety of the workers, barrels must be used for trash collection. Any trash left on the curb that is not in a barrel will not be picked up, according to the emailed statement. There will also not be any large item or bulk trash pick-up at this time.

Recycling collection is semi-automated so recycling can be loose in the barrel but no loose material should be left outside the barrel.

The options for anyone with large pieces of cardboard or residents who don’t have a barrel for trash can drop items off in one of two dumpsters – one for trash and one for recycling – being placed by G. Mello Disposal Corp. at 59 Low St. This is the the site of the Emergency Operations Center, not the National Guard building, and is across from the Nock Molin School. This drop off is for Newburyport residents only and the site will be monitored.

Additionally, the Mello transfer station in Georgetown is open for drop off of trash and recycling, 7 days a week.

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