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Across the nation, there has been a surge in female candidates putting their names on the ballot to run for public office, including several state and congressional races in Massachusetts, which is receiving positive feedback from local women.

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This Week's Circulars


AMESBURY — Election results often tell a story, and the final numbers from this week’s municipal election told many.

The City Clerk has released the unofficial results of Tuesday's election. Some of the numbers are slightly different than the numbers released immediately after the election last night.


AMESBURY — Mayor Ken Gray won his first re-election bid handily last night over both Ronald Wood and write-in candidate Anne Ferguson.

AMESBURY — Registered voters can take heart. The phone calls, door knocks and direct mailers from candidates for municipal office are about to abruptly cease: Election day arrives tomorrow.

AMESBURY — School Committee member and City Council at-large candidate Christian Scorzoni raised more money than any other candidate running in this year's municipal election, according to campaign finance reports filed with the City Clerk's office.

Editor’s note: Six candidates appear on the Amesbury election ballot for At Large City Council seats. Roger Deschenes is one of the six, though he has since decided to “suspend” his campaign. Because his name appears on the ballot and he has said he will serve if elected, we present a candid…

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Editor’s note: Citing criticism of how Mayor Ken Gray communicates with council members, City Councilor Anne Ferguson announced last week that she is conducting a write-in campaign for mayor. Her term on the council expires at the end of this year.

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Mayor Ken Gray made it clear in a press release yesterday whom he is supporting in the race for City Council by endorsing Councilor-at-Large incumbents Donna McClure and Eric Bezanson, as well as Sharon Moavenzadeh and Dave Haraske in Districts 3 and 6 respectively.

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AMESBURY — More candidates for City Council are weighing in on Mayor Ken Gray’s challenge to answer “yes” or “no” to a question related to property tax increases.

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AMESBURY — City Council President Joe McMilleon has come to the defense of Mayor Ken Gray after City Councilor at Large Anne Ferguson alleged that Gray’s administration lacks transparency.

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AMESBURY — Citing a lack of transparency in Mayor Ken Gray’s administration, City Councilor at Large Anne Ferguson this weekend began a write-in campaign for mayor.

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AMESBURY -- Mayor Ken Gray is firing back at a trio of candidates for City Council for recent statements that he considers “the exact opposite of the truth,” while the three council hopefuls stuck to their statements.

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Absentee ballots will be available in the city clerk’s office until Nov. 2 for registered voters unable to make it to the polls on Election Day, Nov. 3.

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AMESBURY — The city’s only preliminary election this year will be held on Thursday for the District 3 City Council seat, which will be vacated by David Moavenzadeh at the end of his term in December.

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AMESBURY — The city clerk’s office is gearing up for this year’s preliminary election next Thursday, Sept. 17, where only one City Council seat is in play.

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AMESBURY — Just like a starter pistol going off, yesterday’s close of business at the city clerk’s office marked the unofficial beginning of the 2015 municipal election. Only one primary race will be necessary.

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AMESBURY — The possible future of the city’s political landscape is beginning to come into clearer view as potential candidates for mayor, City Council and School Committee have begun returning their nomination papers to the City Clerk’s office.