Name: Richard “Rick” Marggraf

Address: 5 Greenwood St., Amesbury

Age: 54

Family: Wife Christine Carroll-Marggraf (4th generation Amesbury native); two daughters Alyssa Marggraf (age 28) and Elise Marggraf (age 6 first grader Cashman Elementary)

Work experience: 34 years of finance and accounting private industry business experience, many of those with international corporations. I have worked in the manufacturing, financial services, insurance, life sciences and green energy business sectors.

Political experience: Political newcomer; I attend most council meetings with a keen interest in city government.

Seat you are running for: Amesbury District 6 City Council

Years in town: We moved back home in 2011

Why are you running?

I am running to bring my years of business experience to the council, and provide fresh perspective at a time when we have $100 million in development in the pipeline. In the next two years many important decisions will be made in shaping the future of our city. As your councilor I will dedicate myself to representing your interests and make sound educated decisions. We need strong leadership to continue our recent success, and my experience will allow me to serve as your leader in District 6. I ask for your support on November 7th, it would be an honor to earn your vote!

What are your top three priorities?

Commercial/Industrial economic development to ease the tax burden on homeowners.

Invest in Amesbury’s schools, including funding a new Amesbury Elementary School, because our children are our future.

Improve quality of life for residents including revitalizing downtown, athletic fields and roadways.

Are Amesbury’s property taxes a problem, or is this a false issue?

Amesbury’s property taxes continue to be an area that must be improved. After nearly a decade of steep rate increases, things have been steadily improving. We can’t continue to break the backs of homeowners with some of the highest rates in the state. Continued fiscal discipline and innovative financing tools must be used in order to provide relief to taxpayers.

Where do you stand on the proposed ban on non-medical marijuana establishments in the city and why? (Ballot Question 1)

My personal position on non-medical marijuana establishments is Libertarian. What you do in the privacy of your home or yard is non of my business. I also have no problem with one shop, located in a safe area that’s done tastefully. Any sales tax revenue would be an added bonus to the city.

Where do you see the city in 10 years?

I envision a thriving Atlantic Sports Center Complex on South Hunt Road with additional hotels being built in order to meet demand. On Route 110, new stores and restaurants supporting the needs of ice rink visitors. Shuttle buses bringing families downtown to eat and shop between games. A new Amesbury Elementary School designed to educate children well into the future. There will be multi-use turf athletic fields used by both school and youth sports teams. The Lower Mill Yard will have a summer farmers market, mixed use residential/retail space and additional parking.

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