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NEWBURYPORT — With six weeks until the general election Nov. 2, City Councilor at large Charlie Tontar and School Committee member Sean Reardon are ramping up their campaigns in a race to become the city’s next mayor.

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NEWBURYPORT — There are seven candidates vying for three School Committee seats in the preliminary election today, Sept. 21. 

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NEWBURYPORT — Early in-person voting for the preliminary election kicks off Monday with the mayoral and School Committee races.

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Across the nation, there has been a surge in female candidates putting their names on the ballot to run for public office, including several state and congressional races in Massachusetts, which is receiving positive feedback from local women.

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NEWBURYPORT – Campaign committees for the two mayoral candidates filed their final reports with the state this week, showing combined spending of just over $44,000 in the last part of their campaigns.

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NEWBURYPORT — Donna Holaday was re-elected mayor Tuesday, defeating challenger Robert Cronin, 3,776 votes to 3,098, in what the city clerk described as a “very, very, very healthy percentage of voters.”

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NEWBURYPORT — After a 2016 national election season plagued by Russian meddling on social media, many states are questioning the security of their voting equipment and eying upgrades to prevent any interference with future results.

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NEWBURYPORT — With less than 48 hours before voters decide who will occupy the corner office at City Hall for the next four years, Mayor Donna Holaday and challenger Robert Cronin are doing everything they can to reach those who have yet to make up their minds. 

Editor's note: Robert Cronin is a four-term city councilor and has been chair of Public Safety and a member of the Budget and Finance Committee for his tenure. Prior public service includes the Harbor Commission and the Jeannie Geiger Crisis Center board of directors. Bob and his wife, Sue, …

Editor’s note: Mayor Donna Holaday is serving her third term as mayor. She moved to Newburyport in 1979, where she met her husband, Joe Holaday, and raised their family. Holaday holds a master of science from Boston University, master of education from the University of New Hampshire and a j…

Seven candidates are running for five seats, each with a two-year term on the Newburyport City Council. All voters in the city may vote for five candidates in this race Tuesday. 

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Two candidates are running for a single two-year term on the Newburyport City Council. Ward 4 voters cast their ballots on Tuesday at Hope Church, 11 Hale St.

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NEWBURYPORT – Candidates for Ward 4 and at-large City Council seats will answer questions tonight at a forum sponsored by The Daily News and Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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NEWBURYPORT — Congressman Seth Moulton, D-Salem, announced his endorsement Wednesday of Donna Holaday for re-election as the city's mayor.

NEWBURYPORT — Residents will head to the polls Tuesday for the city's preliminary election, a race to winnow three candidates for mayor to just two.

NEWBURYPORT – The Massachusetts Retirees Association and its president, Frank Valeri, endorsed Ward 3 City Councilor Robert Cronin in his campaign for mayor this week.

NEWBURYPORT – Ward 3 City Councilor Robert Cronin announced his candidacy for mayor Monday, saying he will bridge what he calls a communication gap between City Hall and city residents.

NEWBURYPORT — In a municipal election in which the mayor did not run, about 26 percent of the city’s 13,773 registered voters went to the polls Tuesday.

NEWBURYPORT — Voters here opted for incumbents yesterday, returning all city councilors who were running to seats and adding newcomers Sharif Zeid in Ward 1 and Joe Devlin to an at-large seat on the 11-member council.

NEWBURYPORT — Incumbents Bruce Menin and Nicholas deKanter earned new terms on the School Committee last night and newcomer Christine Miller will join them on the board. Running unopposed for a two-year spot was David Hochheiser.

NEWBURYPORT — Voters will go to the polls tomorrow to elect an 11-member City Council and fill seats on the School Committee — but they will not elect a mayor.

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When voters in Newburyport head to the polls Tuesday, they will find something that has never occurred before in a citywide election.

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NEWBURYPORT — Nine candidates are running for five at-large city council posts in Tuesday’s municipal election, and one of the largest variables is the projected diminutive size of the turnout.

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Editor’s note: Nine candidates are running for five open at-large seats on the Newburyport City Council. Today, we present a profile of Greg Earls.

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NEWBURYPORT — A forum for at-large candidates for the City Council is scheduled to take place tonight at the senior community center at 331 High St.

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Editor’s note: Nine candidates are running for five open at-large seats on the Newburyport City Council. Today we present a profile of Joe Devlin. 

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Editor’s Note: David Hochheiser is running unopposed for a two-year School Committee seat in the Nov. 3 election. The other candidates on the ballot are seeking four-year terms.