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SEABROOK — Local residents braved the rain to cast their ballots Tuesday, and the unofficial results reveal a red wave splashed across the coastal town.

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SEABROOK – Voters trekked to the polls Tuesday, notching a 54 percent voter turnout, according to town officials.

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SEABROOK — Many incumbents running for re-election in local districts were victorious in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, but noted they still have work to do before the November election.

 CONCORD, N.H. — The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled Thursday that eliminating the distinction between “residency” and “domicile” for voting purposes would be constitutional, siding with Republicans who argue that out-of-state college students who vote here should be subject to the same re…

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SEABROOK – With about an hour left before the polls close, officials said 53 percent of Seabrook residences were without electricity, but heavy voting earlier in the day still pushed the vote totals up.

SEABROOK — Voters will be asked March 14 to accept or reject zoning changes offered by the Planning Board on the town warrant.  

CONCORD, N.H. — The New Hampshire Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire have set up voter hotlines to handle voter inquiries and complaints on Election Day, Tuesday.

SEABROOK — There have been years when the Kentucky Derby hasn’t had as many horses running for the roses as this year’s field of candidates running in New Hampshire’s Sept. 13 primary for the seat in the corner office being vacated by Gov. Maggie Hassan.