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Words of warning

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Note: This originally ran on Jan. 7, 2005. 

"When heroin becomes $25 a bag, that's when we're going to have an absolute epidemic of property crimes. The addiction is not going away." — Peabody police Chief Robert Champagne

"Heroin is cheaper than marijuana. It's cheaper than beer." — Matt Davis, a director of a methadone clinic in Peabody

"I think when you have a child who dies of a drug overdose, I think for the rest of your life you will think about what you did and didn't do as a parent. And you may have done everything objectively correct, but it's hard because you have hindsight." — Robert Bradley, a Marblehead attorney whose 18-year-old son Robert died of a drug overdose in the fall of 2003

"Law enforcement and public health officials are concerned that OxyContin abusers may switch to heroin depending on the availability of the two drugs. There is a concern that as strategies designed to prevent the diversion of OxyContin decrease supplies of OxyContin, abuser may begin using heroin, which is cheaper and readily available, adding to the already high levels of heroin in Massachusetts." — Page 76 of the New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area 2004 report

"I think that ultimately we all are going to pay for the heroin problem. Whether we are going to pay for treatment of the addicts through methadone programs or other programs out there. Or they are going to be incarcerated because of the crimes they commit. Or they are going to die and we are going to end up paying for their burial." — George Festa, director of the federal government's High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Office in Methuen

"The demographics know no bounds. It's the Yale-tojail syndrome, and we see it all." — Robert Potter, a director of planning and development for Community Substance Abuse Centers, which runs a methadone clinic in Peabody

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