To the editor:

One Tuesday, March 8, an article on the front page dealt with the ongoing heroin epidemic and the need to help addicts.

On page 5, however, we read: “Drug dealers placed on probation.”

Seriously? Does anyone else see the irony in this?

We wouldn’t have so many addicts if the dealers were taken off our streets and put in jail with lengthy sentences.

The dealers in this case served a total of 26 days. It is an outrage. Why are the prosecutors allowed to make these kinds of “deals”? Also, nowhere in the article was the name of the judge who presided over this dog and pony show.

To say I’m sickened by this is an understatement. These dealers are trafficking death to people who are struggling with addiction. They don’t care who lives or who dies as long as they make money.

I applaud the police department, however. They are usually the first responders. They see the deaths, and bear witness to the broken families. They are trying to rein in this scourge, and it must be very frustrating to them also when these “deals” are made in courtrooms.

And for those who might say that the addict “chooses” this terrible addiction, I salute you. I guess never in your life did you ever make a bad decision. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be in the position to judge another’s mistakes.

This court proceeding was an insult to all of us who have had to, or continue to, watch our loved ones struggle with this addiction. It is crushing.

Finally, I do feel that I have the right to express my anger; my son was an addict. I say was, because my son is completely recovered. My son died.

Diane T. Torpey


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