Realtor Martha Anger clarifies the “ins and outs” of today’s volatile market

“It’s a fast-paced, complicated market and no buyer or seller should try to navigate it without an

experienced local real estate agent on their side,” advises Realtor Martha Anger of Engel & Völkers By

The Sea. “This is the case in most communities across the country but is especially true here in Cape


According to Anger, in Essex, Gloucester, Manchester and Rockport single family homes are most in

demand right now, thus posing the greatest challenges to buyers and sellers. “Buyers are struggling

because not only are there very few properties for sale, but listings are priced higher than in previous

years with multiple bids. It’s not uncommon for properties in all price ranges to get bid up anywhere

from $25,000 to $125,000 above the asking price” she says. “Moreover, because of the current

momentum, sellers are feeling far less pressure to make repairs, updates or improvements before

selling, which means a buyer could easily be in the predicament of offering more money for a house that

needs work. All of these factors have made this an almost impossible market for buyers who need

financing as lenders will only lend on properties that appraise at the agreed upon price.”

As difficult as it is for buyers today, sellers are faced with their own set of challenges, believes Anger.

“With many listings selling above price, it can be difficult to accurately gauge a property value. The

temptation, for some, is to overprice the listing which is a dangerous game, even in this brisk market. In

fact, a tempered list price is more likely to encourage a greater number of bids at a higher offer price.

These days, if it takes more than five to seven days to get an acceptable offer, then the property is

overpriced,” she says. “The one thing that my successful buyers and sellers have in common is that both

have been willing to work closely with me and to take the time and attention needed to learn the current

market conditions and values. This is achieved by constant communication and market updates which is

critical in this upward-moving market.”

Martha Anger started selling real estate in and around Cape Ann at the market’s peak in 2005 and

continued to build her reputation during the recession of 2008 and beyond. “This is not my first time

adjusting to a new market while counseling clients during an unprecedented time. My clients rely on me

to stay on top of all activity as it pertains to what they hope to buy or what they would like to sell and to

help them put that information into perspective,” she says.

In the words of one of her many satisfied clients, “Martha was both our selling and purchasing agent and

proved repeatedly to be very thorough; giving every effort to the many details and time constraints that

often presented themselves. We appreciated our relationship working with her, and would definitely

recommend her as either a listing or buying agent.”

Should you be considering buying or selling on Cape Ann or are looking for professional and honest

guidance, call Martha Anger at 781-727-4547.


• Martha Anger

• Engel & Völkers By The Sea

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