To the editor:

I’ve never seen a public figure take such a comprehensive approach to governing.

Blindsided by a mayor’s worse nightmare — a public health crisis, Mayor Kassandra Gove didn’t miss a beat but immediately developed all-inclusive plans.

Daily live broadcasts on Facebook, a COVID web page, and assistance for Amesbury businesses with the launch of the Amesbury Business Economic Adjustment Team.

Kassandra Gove demonstrated her leadership skills when she led the effort to procure the COVID vaccine for our region and set up Amesbury’s vaccine clinic.

Gov. Charlie Baker apparently called another local mayor asking, “Who’s this mayor in Amesbury?”who kept after him until he agreed to send vaccines to smaller towns. During the pandemic, Gove also managed to upgrade the city government. She launched a city email newsletter — long overdue and part of her transparency and communication promise.

She upgraded the annual budget and city’s annual report. These documents are no longer sleep aids but readable works of art that help us understand the workings of the city.

What impresses me most is Mayor Gove’s willingness to publicly answer any question during her weekly Facebook broadcasts. What politician does that? That’s one way I know I can trust her. A friend said of Kassandra, “She’s a fearless leader, willing to take positions even when her core supporters disagreed.”

I did disagree with her on a significant decision. But the day after she voiced that School Committee vote, she offered an explanation during her Facebook broadcast.

She didn’t have to do that but I believe she did it because she knew some residents weren’t happy with her vote.

Mayor Gove’s unsolicited public explanation was an example of the courtesy she often extends to residents.

I still disagreed but I better understood and I appreciated how she went above and beyond to be transparent. I know I can count on her for thoughtful, researched decision-making.

Kassandra Gove is a highly competent mayor who’s accomplished more in two years than most mayors accomplish in two terms.

I believe Amesbury will suffer if we halt the momentum of the Gove administration. If we start from scratch, I fear we might end up with a mayor who no longer publicly answers questions, or no longer publishes a superb newsletter, but most of all who lacks her level of executive leadership skills.

Let’s give Mayor Gove another term. She’s certainly earned it.

Christine Green


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